Tips to Become an Environmentally-Friendly Skier

Skiing and other winter sport activities rely majorly on snow. Unfortunately, pollution and higher greenhouse gas emissions caused climate change. Global warming has been melting glaciers, leading to other disastrous natural calamities.

If you want to protect the environment, beautiful snow and your favourite skiing adventure, reduce the environmental impact as much as possible.

It is good to become a responsible skier by adhering to environmentally-friendly practices. If you have taken a skiing tour in Australia & New Zealand, you are blessed to see the mesmerising beauty of snow-packed mountains, but it is your responsibility to reduce the impact of pollution and plastic waste.

Today, we will explore key tips and tricks to become more eco-conscious when skiing:

Let’s Get Started!

1. Look For Environmentally-Friendly Ski Cloths and Tools

There is no denying that people are heading towards sustainable options when shopping ski dress and accessories.

You can find various ski gear brands in Australia offering eco-friendly ski clothing and tools, including:

  • Jackets, base layers and pants from recycled wool, polyester and nylon
  • Natural insulation options such as wool and down.
  • PFC-free waterproofing because PFC is a harmful chemical that can leave carbon footprints in the environment.
  • Durable gear

2. Rent Skiing Gear

Are you one of those who visit the skiing tour in Australia and New Zealand once or twice a year? Instead of buying a gear kit, it is good to look for renting options in your local area. This will help save money, save space in the luggage and most importantly, reduce carbon footprint.

It is a win-win situation for any skier who is planning his or her next trip.

3. Buy Second-hand Gear

If you are not okay with the rental option, you can by pre-owned kit to reduce landfill waste. This will also help you save a lot of money.

You can find great deals on second-hand gear and other accessories online as well as offline.

4. Scout for Eco-friendly Ski Resort

Many renowned ski resorts in Australia and New Zealand strictly adheres to green practices by using renewable energy, reducing waste and using eco-friendly cleaning products to keep their resorts cleaning.

So, do a proper research and find the best ski resort that follows sustainable practices and keep the environment clean.

5. Try to Ski Uphill

Do you know ski resorts utilise 70 per cent of energy to power lifts and snow making equipment. It is good to change the lifts with a pair of touring skis. This will reduce pollution and help you skip unwanted crowds on weekends.

6. Do not Leave Trash

Whether you are having a burger or a cliff bars, make sure you don’t leave any plastic waste behind. Keep in your bag and dispose of properly when you get back.


These are some of the most important aspects that will help you go sustainable when skiing on the white snow. Make sure you follow this guide and reduce environmental impact as much as possible.

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