List of Important Items You’ll Need for a Safe Skiing

Skiing is undoubtedly one of the adventurous sports in Australia and New Zealand. Those who are passionate about skiing always look for opportunities to explore mountains in winters. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, it is obvious that you will experience the thrill of sliding down the snow. Many people even kids join classes to learn this fun sport and achieve their first turns on the mountains laden with white snow. However, it is important to follow the safety measures and carry all the important tools and equipment to enjoy skiing in the safest manner. From airbag to helmet, shovel to first aid kit, make sure you have everything in your backpack for your utmost safety. We bring you a list you the list of items you might need on mountains. Most of them are protective equipment while some are survival kit. Make sure you arrange everything in advance when you plan your visit. Also, buy a high—quality backpack that can carry all the items with ease.    

  • Ski Helmet
Do not forget to put a helmet in your bag. Go for a ski helmet because it is sturdy and can give you ultimate comfort. You can also go for different colours s well as specifications if buying for your kids. You can find out the beginner’s guide to dress for skiing if you want utmost safety.  

  • Water Bottle
It is one of the basic things you will need in your backpack because you don’t want to die thirsty. Buy a water reservoir that is available in different sizes and colour- a small one for kids as well. If you are wearing an Abs or a touring rucksack, invest in a quality Stoaway, which turns any rucksack into a hydration system. Keep yourself hydrated when skiing because you will need a lot of energy  while sliding on the snow.  

  • First-Aid Kit
Injuries, such as blisters, cuts and other medical conditions may happen when you are on mountains. So, it is good to keep a handy first-aid box and include painkillers, wound closure strips, antibiotics, duct tape, scissors, etc.  

  • Sunscreen
Do not forget to keep a pocket-sized SPF50+  sunscreen in order to protect your skin from sun radiance. Reapply it during the day or at least 2-3 times, especially if you are going on high altitudes, where you will get direct sunlight rays. There are various skincare brands offering sunscreen for skiing. You can research more about it on the internet and buy the right one.  

  • Thermal Blanket
Make sure you keep a metallic blanket that is used to prevent heat loss from the body. They are super convenient, light weight and compact that you can easily keep it in your rucksack or pocket. You can use it if you are injured and lying on the snow. The heat reflective covers prevent your body and they are also wind and water proof.  

  • Toolkit
Whether you are exploring the skiing spots in Australia or New Zealand, be sure you keep a toolkit with you. A toolkit comes with a knife, scissors, screwdrivers and other tools that will make things easy if you are a mountaineer.  

  • Compass
Though new-age phones come with an efficient compass, but you should carry  a pocket size compass if you want to stay on track throughout your skiing journey. If you love this sport, you can explore Australia and New Zealand Skiing Tours and slide on the snow.  

  • Full Suit of Armour
It is good to invest in full suit of armour which covers your chest, shoulders and elbows to give you a complete protection. The armour can be removed easily. However, it can be expensive if you want a high-quality suit for the utmost protection.  

  • ABS/Avalanche Air Bag
They are expensive but you need it to stay safe when sliding down the snow. The new-age bags uses battery-powered fan instead of the gas cylinder.  

  • Shovel
You should keep this equipment in your backpack if going or skiing. It is used for digging out if anyone buried in an avalanche. You can buy a handy one so that you can store it without any excessive burden.  


These are some of the important tools and equipment you should carry in your backpack when exploring your love for skiing on mountains.

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